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Every senior business professional must take time for him- or herself in the course of the work day. After all, you will only perform at your peak if you also allow for essential breaks between feats of high performance. Engage one of Edgar’s private drivers to conserve your energy for the moments when you must truly deliver added value.

Top-class Belgian drivers,
with or without a vehicle.

We recommend our certified
D1 executive drivers

Make your way through traffic to
appointments in comfort and safety.

Your regular driver knows you and your needs.

In our industry, few things are as vital as complete trust. You want your driver to be a safe, dependable partner, flawlessly anticipating your needs and expectations, and we are committed to establishing such trust. You can therefore rest assured that your driver knows you and that you will know your driver. Instead of a constant flow of new people, you encounter the same familiar faces each time.

Thanks to our regular drivers, you can feel completely at ease in the vehicle. To guarantee that feeling, we select our private drivers carefully and each of us places high value on punctuality, safety, reliability and discretion. You will also quickly see that our drivers’ presence is unobtrusive.

Edgar ensures prosperity, precision and succes

From a conference to a meeting and on to a business dinner, a senior role comes with many responsibilities. On these occasions you are expected to deliver results, provide inspiration and perform at your peak. As a result, opportunities to catch your breath can be few and far between.

We believe in the value of moments when there is no need to perform, which is why we offer dependable, traditional luxury transport with a strong focus on contemporary care. Edgar acts as your intelligent, discreet assistant, taking you to your greatest successes with unwavering attention to detail.

Want to book one of our drivers? Then what you are actually booking is greater opportunities.

Let your private driver take the wheel so that you can focus on what you do so well.
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